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Moving Forward In Stepparent Adoptions

Blended families are more common than ever. However, the process by which a stepparent can adopt a child is still complex. With the help of an experienced attorney, the adoption process can be made easier and all options can be fully understood.

At the office of Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, in Little Rock, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of stepparent adoptions. While this seems like a family law matter, stepparent adoption cases are actually handled through the probate courts.

We take the time to sit down with our clients and discuss their questions, concerns and goals for the outcome of the case. Most people are not looking to cut a biological parent out of a child’s life, but rather legally make their family whole. We strive to help clients on either side of stepparent adoptions, seeking them or opposing them, whether they are the stepparent or biological parent.

The Stepparent Adoption Process

Whether the adoption is contested or uncontested, the process of adopting a stepchild begins with filing an adoption petition with the court. The biological parent whose rights are being terminated must be notified that a petition was filed and be served with the petition. He or she can then contest the petition or agree to it. However, a biological parent’s consent to an adoption is not always required. There are situations in which legal abandonment of a child, which requires certain criteria to be met, may be grounds upon which to terminate the rights.

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