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Skilled Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

A type of theft, embezzlement occurs when a person steals money that he or she was charged with monitoring or managing and uses it for personal reasons. While the alleged offender had legal access to the money, usually for business purposes, he or she did not own the money. Embezzlement is considered a white collar crime and can be a state or federal crime, depending on the circumstances.

If you have been accused of stealing money that you were entrusted to oversee, prosecutors may take aggressive action and charge you with embezzlement. We at Montgomery, Adams & Wyatt, PLC, have more than 60 years of experience handling all types of criminal defense matters, including embezzlement and other white collar crimes. We understand the impact that these types of cases have on our clients’ lives and we are dedicated to protecting their rights, families and futures.

Penalties For Embezzlement

If you are convicted of embezzlement, you are facing a range of consequences. The severity of the punishment depends on the severity of the crime and the amount of money that was allegedly embezzled. If you were charged with misdemeanor embezzlement, you are facing lesser penalties than if you were charged with a felony. All embezzlement charges are serious and must be handled accordingly, since all can result in jail time, large fines, restitution of the stolen funds and a permanent criminal record.

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