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A Father Has Rights As A Parent

Fathers often worry that they will be treated unfairly when it comes to child custody matters. They worry that old beliefs die hard and that courts still favor mothers. At Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, our family law lawyers work hard to ensure fair treatment for fathers. With decades of experience, we understand the tendencies of Arkansas courts. We understand the stereotypes of the roles of fathers and mothers. We understand that those stereotypes rarely hold true, and we know what needs to be done to ensure the outcome of a child custody dispute is based on facts, not stereotypes.

Fathers’ Rights During Divorce

The reality is that courts these days favor only one party during a divorce that involves a child, and that is the child. Everything is driven by the needs of the child. The standing belief is that the child needs both parents, father and mother. The father should not be shut out of the child’s life. Even if you work long hours or you travel for a living, our Little Rock fathers’ rights attorneys are prepared to negotiate a parenting plan that allows you to protect your relationship with your son or daughter.

Fathers’ Rights During Paternity Actions

When a mother pursues a paternity claim, it is often motivated by the need to obtain child support. What the mother may overlook is that, by legally establishing paternity, the father not only has obligations, but also rights. The father will have to pay child support, but he will also be entitled to take part in the child’s upbringing. We will help you negotiate child custody and visitation arrangements that are appropriately based on the needs of the child.

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