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DNA Testing To Determine Paternity

Whether the paternity of a child has always been in question or a new issue has come to light, it is essential that the proper father of a child be absolutely determined. If a father is misidentified, the wrong person is paying support and the right person is being deprived of time with the child.

If you are a mother or father and have questions about the paternity of a child, our firm can step in and help. With more than 60 years of legal experience, our family law attorneys at Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, in Little Rock, Arkansas, have handled numerous paternity cases. We understand the importance of these cases and provide our clients with the guidance they need in all aspects of the DNA testing process and following child support and custody matters.

Determining Paternity

Establishing paternity is an important aspect of child support and child custody cases. The process by which paternity is determined is simple and painless. The DNA test requires a swab from inside the child’s cheek and inside the potential father’s cheek. The genes are then sequenced and compared. Though the process still can deliver false results, DNA testing has advanced to minimize errors and delivers results that are typically 99 percent accurate.

After Paternity Is Established

It is important to know that once the paternity of a child is established, fathers not only have responsibilities, but also rights. Mothers need to understand both sides in these cases. Child support orders can be created to ensure that the proper monetary support is being provided. Child custody orders can be created to ensure that the father has the appropriate amount of time with and access to the child.

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