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Information On Modifications And Enforcement

Once a family court order has been established, it is to be followed by all parties who are affected by or named in the order. Orders can be enforced according to the terms that are set as they pertain to child support, child custody or other issues. If an order is not being followed or needs to be changed, it is important to consult with an attorney to understand your options.

At the Little Rock law firm of Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, we have extensive experience handling all types of family court issues, including the modification and enforcement of orders. We will take the time to explain in a straightforward way whether you are in violation of an order and may be held in contempt. Or it may be appropriate to seek a change to an order to suit the child’s best interests and accommodate the parents whenever possible.

Modifying An Existing Order

When an individual experiences a drastic change in life circumstances such as a job loss, a new job, a subsequent marriage or the birth of another child, these situations may impact an existing court order. When orders need to be changed, it is important that you go through the courts to ensure that all orders are enforceable.

Enforcement Of Family Court Orders

If court-ordered money is not being paid or you are not being allowed to spend time with your child, you should seek help. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the process by which child support, child custody and spousal support orders can be enforced. If someone is found to be in violation of an order, that person may be held in contempt and face consequences.

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