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Comprehensive Guidance In Guardianship Matters

Life situations may arise when one person needs to step in and help another. This is often the case in guardianship matters. Whether the person who needs help, called the ward, is a minor or an adult, giving a responsible person guardianship allows decisions to be made on the ward’s behalf and in the ward’s best interests.

If you are seeking guardianship of an adult or a child, or you are attempting to fight a guardianship, we can help. At Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, our Little Rock-based attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience that we put to work when handling guardianship matters. Each guardianship case is unique, and they are often emotionally charged. We are sensitive to the issues that arise in these matters and take care when handling guardianships.

Guardianship Of A Minor

Whether a guardianship of a child is temporary or permanent, the granting of a guardianship gives full parental rights and responsibilities to the guardian. Though it seems as though this is a family law matter, as custody issues are often involved, these matters are handled by the probate court. At the heart of the case are the best interests of the child, and appointing the proper guardian can ensure that those interests are protected.

Adult Guardianships

Guardianship over an adult is not as common as guardianship over a minor. As such, if you need an adult guardianship, the case should be handled by an attorney who has experience in these situations. Our firm has represented clients on either side in adult guardianship proceedings when the guardianship was being sought for a person with special needs, including disabilities, incapacitation or mental health issues.

Helping You In Guardianship Cases | Little Rock Probate Court Lawyers

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