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What Is The Post-Conviction Process

Do you believe that you or a family member was wrongly convicted of a crime? Was the sentence inappropriate based on the crime and the facts of the case? At Montgomery, Adams & Wyatt, PLC, our criminal defense attorneys can help you file an appeal and challenge the conviction or the sentence if there are grounds to do so.

A criminal appeal is substantially different from the initial criminal case. It is focused on the written argument, rather than the verbal argument. To be successful, a Little Rock post-conviction lawyer must have the ability to scour all the information pertinent to the case in order to find proof of a mistake in law or a mishandling of the case. Then the lawyer must be able to present that proof in a compelling way to help right the wrong. Our lawyers have decades of experience doing just that. We handle post-conviction appeals in appellate courts at the state and federal levels.

Grounds For An Appeal

While you may not understand exactly what went wrong, it is important to know that an appeal can only be made based on an error of some sort and not simply an undesirable result. Examples of errors may be a judge who fails to allow a piece of evidence that should have been allowed or a previous attorney who neglected to interview critical witnesses whose testimonies may have strengthened your case. We will take great care to review the record and find out what went wrong in order to build a successful criminal appeal.

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