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Strategic Property Division Choices

One of the primary sources of disputes in divorce cases is property division. The fact that there will be disputes is only natural. The most important question is, how will those disputes be resolved? In the midst of an emotionally charged divorce, the answer that people often gravitate toward is aggression. They want to fight. The family law lawyers at Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, often recommend a different approach: finesse.

We are problem-solvers, well-versed in using finesse to negotiate with opponents and obtaining a positive outcome. Of course, our firm features trial lawyers, so if the need to fight for your property arises, you can be confident in our ability to do so.

How Property Division Works In Arkansas

For decades, our Little Rock property division attorneys have been handling cases at all levels of complexity. Whether your primary concern is the family home, or you have amassed assets that include retirement accounts, businesses or business interests, real property and more, you can be certain that we can help you obtain a fair outcome.

In Arkansas, property is divided based on the principle of equitable division. First, marital property is separated from nonmarital property. Nonmarital property is property not subject to division and includes property obtained prior to the marriage. Marital property is to be divided in a manner that is equitable. Equitable means fair, but not necessarily equal. While a 50/50 division is a good starting point, other factors may make a more lopsided division of property fair. We will educate you about the law and work hard to protect your valued property.

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Want to learn more about property division? Contact the Little Rock asset division lawyers of Montgomery Wyatt Hardy, PLC​, to get your questions answered. We offer a free consultation. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.