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Bringing up divorce to your spouse

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Family Law

With a divorce, you can get a second chance at finding love and happiness. But before this can happen, you have to talk to your spouse about ending the marriage. This is a tough conversation to have made even more difficult in Arkansas, where the individual who initiates the divorce must cite a reason for ending the marriage.

Approaching this discussion with sensitivity and preparedness may influence the tone of your divorce proceedings.

Choose the right time and place

Parting ways is never really easy. While you may be ready to move on, your spouse may still be in the dark about how unhappy you are. Finding out that you’ve been thinking about a divorce could come as a complete shock.

This heart-to-heart talk is a big deal, and it is only fair to give it the respect it deserves. When you are ready to bring up divorce, choose a private setting free from distractions or the public eye. This way, you can focus on talking and listen to each other.

Use clear and respectful language

You have your reasons for ending the marriage, but during the discussion, it may be better to use clear and respectful language that avoids blame. You can control what you say but it can be difficult to manage your partner’s emotions. If they feel embarrassed or threatened, they may choose to retaliate during proceedings, which can make things more difficult for both of you.

During your talk, consider starting sentences with “I” instead of “you”. Communicating this way may help you express your feelings without making your spouse feel at fault.

Manage your emotions

Out of hurt, your spouse may react negatively and say things to get back at you. Being angry, sad or disappointed are all normal feelings to have. You are saying goodbye to a shared history after all. Despite what your spouse may say or do, strive to remain composed.

Divorce is going to involve many hard decisions, but it starts with having this uncomfortable talk. By preparing for this difficult discussion and keeping things respectful, you may pave the way for an amicable divorce.