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How divorce affects business ownership in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Family Law

When a couple decides to part ways in Arkansas, determining how to handle business assets can be a complex process. These considerations shape the approach to their professional and personal futures.

How are business assets divided in a divorce?

Arkansas treats companies owned by either spouse before or during the marriage as marital property. The court looks at several factors to decide on a fair division, considering each spouse’s investment in the company and their financial situation at the time.

Understanding the valuation of business assets

Valuing a business in a divorce is critical and can be difficult. The value boils down to what the company is worth on paper. It often includes thinking about:

  • The business’s earning potential
  • The market conditions
  • The business’s debts and liabilities

There are several methods for valuing a corporation. They include asset-based approaches, earning value approaches, and market value approaches. Each approach has its own set of criteria, and it’s common to hire professionals to conduct impartial and thorough evaluations

Strategies to protect business assets during divorce

Effective protection of business assets begins with foresight. Prenuptial agreements and establishing separate legal entities like trusts or corporations can safeguard business interests. Maintaining distinct financial records for personal and business finances is also vital.

Safeguard your business

Understanding how divorce can impact business ownership and taking steps to protect your interests is crucial. By planning ahead and understanding the legal landscape, business owners are better prepared for divorce. Doing so ensures that the personal and business aspects get handled with care and professionalism. It paves the way for a smoother transition into the next chapter.