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How can custodial interference harm you?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Family Law |

After a messy divorce or tension-filled child custody arrangement, you may start to notice signs of your ex-spouse interfering with you and your child’s daily life.

This issue, also known as alienation or custodial interference, can wreck your relationship with your child.

Confusing schedules

According to Arizona State Legislature, interference includes a co-parent enticing a child away from his or her other parent. This can occur when he or she promises a treat to the child in order to keep him or her later than agreed upon. Your ex-spouse may also drop your child off earlier than you expect, in order to catch you off guard or irritate you.

Some co-parents may refuse to change their ways even after you note this problem. An ex-spouse disobeying visitation agreements that are already in place is illegal and can be stressful for the other spouse and the child.

Weakened bonds

Poor communication also serves to weaken your bond with your child. Your ex-spouse may hide dates of school events or important doctor’s visits from you in order to sabotage your relationship with your child. Your child may assume you chose to not attend, even though you had no knowledge of the event. This break in communication can hurt you both.

A co-parent trying to alienate you may also limit how often your child talks to you by monitoring his or her phone and computer usage. In serious cases of interference, he or she may even take your child across state lines without warning. Custodial interference is detrimental to not only you but your child as well.