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Nowadays, everyone is on social media. Even your children are probably on some form of social media during the day. After your divorce, is it okay for your children to use social media to contact their other parent?

Some parents worry about the effect that the internet may have on their children. However, when considering the other parent, USNews explains that you can use technology to your advantage so that your child can still interact with his or her parent.

Social media provides contact

Nowadays, people are quick to judge social media. After all, there are some downsides to it. Some parents worry about cyber bullying or children associating with strangers on the internet. While these are valid concerns, the internet also provides a way to keep relationships strong. Parents can have consistent contact with children through text or social media. Children who are old enough to have technology of their own should be able to contact parents on their own. Parents can speak to their children directly.

Children grew up in the age of the internet. There are some parents that may not see electronic communication as valuable as in person communication. To children, however, this is an extremely valuable form of communication.

Contact strengthens relationships

In the past, studies looked at a variety of different factors that may contribute to a solid relationship between parents and children post-divorce. While co-parenting does not appear to make a big difference, communication does make a difference. The more parents and children communicate, the more that the parent knows about the child. It strengthens the bond and relationship between the two.