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How a DWI affects your future

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Firm News |

After a night of drinking, a lot of people assume they are safe to drive and do not want to waste money on an Uber. However, the price of DWI is far too great to ignore. In addition to the fine and potential jail time, the consequences of a DWI conviction can follow you for years. 

You need to fight all DWI. You may lose your driver’s license for up to six months and have to install an ignition interlock device inside your car. You may also have to contend with the following years later. 

Failing employers’ background checks

If you plan on getting a new job in the future, then you can expect the hiring manager to look into your past before or after the interview. A misdemeanor or felony DWI charge will stay on your record for a while, and it will come up in any basic check. The employer may become hesitant about hiring you, especially if the job requires you to operate a vehicle. 

Increasing auto insurance rates

After an arrest, you can expect your car insurance rates to increase substantially. You have now become a liability in the eyes of the insurance agency. It is not uncommon for rates to double or even triple for many years until you can prove yourself a safe driver again. Some insurance companies will even terminate your coverage entirely, forcing you to seek out another provider.

Hindering relationships

Local media reports on DWI cases all the time. Your coworkers may hear about the incident, which is sure to negatively affect your professional reputation. Many people look individuals up online before going on a date with them, and you will make a bad impression if someone finds a DWI report about you. Ultimately, driving after a night of drinking is not worth it in the long run.